Meet the team

It’s been so exciting over the past few weeks to start receiving articles back from the little team that the Lord brought together for the launch issue of Radiant. I have been so humbled at each and every person’s commitment and enthusiasm; and it’s been such a pleasure to get work back that hardly needs editing – an editor’s dream! Here are some introductions…

Features Writer: Dalene Reyburn
Dalene Reyburn is passionate about God, people, and life in general. She is wife to Murray, mom to Cameron and Scott, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, teacher, learner, traveller, writer, adventurer, speaker, blogger, baker, hiker, bed snuggler, barefoot walker, letter writer, prayer warrior, tea drinker, home maker, book reader, chick-flick watcher, and lover of: Africa, music, trees, poetry, cappuccinos, seasons, stars, sunsets, dancing, golden retrievers and catching trains in foreign countries. You can check out her blogs Growing younger on the inside and Celebrating Life, or you can follow her on Twitter.

Parenting Writer: Liza Ender
Married to an amazing man, who happens to be a minister, and mommy to two sweet little girls, there is seldom a dull moment in this house! I teach a music group for babies and toddlers; ‘Wriggle & Rhyme’, once a week and look after student girls and the young moms in our church community. Love living in Cape Town, writing, reading, running, cooking (…not of the fish finger variety so much…) cups of tea and chocolate!

Features Writer: Carin Bevan
Carin Bevan lives in Muizenberg with her husband Thomas, a schnoodle  (cross schnauzer poodle) named Poppy and the new apple of her eye, her baby boy Jamie. She blogs about motherhood, crafts and pretty things and loves baking, knitting, taking pictures with her toy camera and having Gilmore Girls and Doctor Who DVD-marathons. She also runs a website called VintageMedia.co.za, where she writes about South African TV series from the 70s and 80s. Before she gets too old she’d still like to visit Moomin Land in Finland and see Björk live in concert. Follow her on Twitter: @handinherpocket.

Sustainability  Writer: Natalie Mayer
After graduating with a B. Com in Economics from UCT in 2002, Natalie went on a few interesting tangents (such as studying Film & TV Production and Scriptwriting) before becoming a freelance writer and content editor. In 2009 she decided to invest herself in a lifelong passion for the environment, and completed a Master’s in Sustainable Development from Stellenbosch University in 2010. She now works predominantly on sustainability-related projects as a writer, researcher and content editor. A committed follower of Christ, Natalie has a special interest in motivating other Christians to take care of creation, through her blog UrbanEcoMission.org. She lives in Cape Town with her husband.

Features Writer: Kate Motaung
Kate Motaung grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and has lived in Cape Town for the past ten years.  She spends her days relying on the grace of God to support her South African husband in his ministry and homeschool their three children.  Kate writes for the webzine Ungrind (www.ungrind.org) and has contributed to MOPS, Young Disciple and (In)Courage.

Beauty Editor: Robyn van Niekerk
Born and raised in Cape Town, Robyn’s inclination toward make-up artistry started at a young age, as she watched her mom get ready for work in the mornings at her dressing table. This fascination continued and by her late teens she was being asked to do girls’ make-up for their school dances. In 2004 she studied professional make-up artistry and since then has been in the special occasion make-up industry. Last year Robyn married the man of her prayers, Robert, and “emigrated” from the southern to the northern suburbs.  On her list of favourite things are cryptic crossword puzzles, hiking, animals, quaint coffee shops and salt & vinegar popcorn.

Food Editor: Lara Demnitz
Having studied as a chef in Stellenbosch, Lara pursued her career overseas, working in London, and Italy. She currently lives at home in Cape Town, dividing her time between cooking and working as a part time Aftercare Teacher. She is also the author of the cooking blog, How to cook an Elephant.


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  1. […] 6.Kate Motaung (one of those stellar people who just happen to be friend and hero, she walks the walk and is writing down her talk, she shines the flashlight for me): http://www.radiantmag.co.za or https://radiantmagazine.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/meet-the-team/ […]

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