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Spring into action: Your beauty checklist for the season

FOOT 911:

  1. SOAK: Soak your  feet for 15 minutes or take a well-deserved bath to soften hard and scaly  skin. (Hint: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to aid the softening process and treat the senses.) Dab your feet dry with a towel.
  2. FILE: Using a foot file or pumice stone, gently file away hard, dry skin especially on the heels, balls of the feet and toes.
  3. MOISTURISE: Apply a good moisturiser to your feet after filing and as often as required to soften the skin (Try moisturising your feet just before bed, put an old pair of socks on and let the cream sink in while you sleep).

Repeat steps 1 to 3, three times a week until you reach your target of softer, smoother feet. Thereafter, repeat at least once weekly to maintain softness.

  1. CLIP: Gently push back excess cuticle skin; clip and file toenails. (Note of caution: To avoid ingrown toenails be sure to use sterile toenail clippers instead of scissors; clip straight across the nail without rounding the edges or cutting them too short!)
  2. DECORATE: Sweep your toenails with a fresh coat of this season’s favourite nail polishes and VOILA! You are now ready to slip into your spring sandals with confidence.


VITADERM is offering Radiant readers six free hampers, worth R400 each. There are three hampers containing their gentle exfoliator and sunscreen and three with their enzyme gel exfoliator and sunscreen. To enter, email your name to nicole@radiantmag.co.za with VITADERM in the subject line.

To read the rest of this article, including best tips for exfoliation, sun protection, spring scents and foundation, turn to Radiant’s Sep/Oct issue on page 9 and 10.



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