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Celebrate the baby steps

By guest blogger Nasreen Fynewever

Have you ever witnessed a child who has just learned how to walk?  Parent or not, we could probably all agree that in truth, those first few days should hardly be considered walking if we judge it the way we do everything else.

How can stumbling, wobbling, and usually falling be equated with the upright, simple sturdy step we adults consider walking?  It would be like saying someone knew how to drive a car simply because she turned the engine on, lurched ahead 2 meters before thrusting it in reverse and stalling the engine because she forgot to press the clutch.  “Revoke her license” we would shout from the corner curb out of fear that we were almost run down by a crazed driver. We are tough critics, often questioning people’s talents and abilities.

So no, it is not just the presence of two legs upright and a forward projection that cause smiles to creep across the faces of people watching a child who just learned to walk.  Honestly, the kid has hardly mastered the skill but we HOPE and our minds get set on the learning curve and proficiency TO BE HAD in the near future.  The child is becoming.

Perfection is not needed for praise in these moments, but trying and resilience is.  Sometimes the awkward first days of walking become the most cherished in the home videos of parents and the comical stories girlfriends rehash over coffee of what they just saw in the park.

Kudos to that kid for walking however awful he or she may be at it because they birth in the viewers the attitude we should have more often. What attitude?  That baby steps rock! Let’s try to celebrate the baby steps in your life.

-when your career is only a fraction of what you dreamed it would be–praise the forward movement

-when your relationship with the special someone is not happening on your time frame–thank God for the stumbling that marks the road to love

-when your diet and exercise regime are not producing the results you had hope–wobble on, you are making progress

-when your husband’s emotions seem guarded and hidden from you–reach your hand out and give him the encouragement his heart needs

-when the work load is heavier than you imagined–trust that He has given you the strength to bear the burden

-when the hurt or loss you feel seems to never relent–arise again for the fresh start of tomorrow

You can walk!  Just take baby steps and surround yourself with those who will cheer you on.  Feel alone?  His WORD is able to be food for your soul, it can calm your nerves, and also embolden you.

So Walk girl, WALK! Celebrate the baby steps!

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”

Philippians 4:13

Nasreen Fynewever, M.Ed, is a writer, educator, wife and mother to three boys under the age of five. She recently moved from her home state of Michigan to the city of Minneapolis. Follow her on Twitter @nfynewever and check out her blog here.


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